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Did you know that the positive impact of regular chiropractic adjustments on an infant can improve their health tremendously? This is why infant chiropractic in San Antonio TX is crucial. As your child grows, combining a healthy diet and regular exercise with chiropractic care will help ensure that your child will have minimized health issues as they grow into adulthood. At Peterson Chiropractic we like to encourage our parents to practice these proactive measures for their infants and children to have an increased probability for a healthy life.

A Natural Approach to Infant Issues in San Antonio TX

Additionally, infant chiropractic care can help with issues that, at a glance, would seem to be completely unrelated. For example, gastroesophageal reflux and breastfeeding issues have shown as much as 94% improvement when treated with chiropractic care.

By gently correcting your infant's spinal alignment to improve the nervous system’s message transmission, these types of conditions are improved dramatically. At Peterson Chiropractic we use a technique called the Torque Release method. Using a handheld tool called the Integrator our infant alignments are applied gently with mild pressure to targeted areas on the spine. This method is not painful or uncomfortable for your infant.

Because your infant is new to life, there isn’t a long history of accidents, injuries, or wear and tear to their bodies. Yet a simple, mild alignment can provide major health benefits as they grow.

At Peterson Chiropractic, we take pride in serving the healthcare needs of our patients through all stages of life. For more information, book your no-obligation, complimentary consultation today.


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