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Dr. Peterson pioneered the use of the torque release technique in San Antonio TX in 2001, evolving into an expert in its application. To experience this transformative technique, book an appointment at Peterson Chiropractic.

Why the Torque Release Technique in San Antonio TX?

Dr. Peterson exclusively employs this technique due to consistently remarkable outcomes. The results are not only evident in the alleviation of patient symptoms but are also substantiated by positive trends in year-over-year X-rays, particularly among patients with over two decades of history at the practice.

The torque release chiropractic technique involves a gentle touch using a handheld instrument known as an Integrator. This torque and recoil release adjusting instrument seamlessly amalgamates principles from various chiropractic techniques, quantum physics, and the body/mind connection. Representing the first integrated chiropractic system for the modern era, this low-force adjustment method addresses spinal interruptions and removes blockages, enhancing the overall function of the nervous system.

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The Importance of The Spine

Even minor imbalances in the alignment or function of this system can lead to diverse physical issues. Given the spine and nervous system's connection to nearly every vital bodily function, the potential benefits of this treatment are extensive. Patients often report early and long-term improvements, such as enhanced sleep, increased energy throughout the day, reduced pain, improved mobility, and more.

The gentle nature of this technique allows Dr. Peterson to assist patients who are fragile and sensitive, including infants, seniors, and those dealing with conditions like fibromyalgia. The precision of the torque release adjustment enables highly effective and specific corrections, aiding patients of all ages and health statuses in reaching their optimal health potential.

The Integrator, the instrument delivering the torque release adjustment, originated from a 1994 research study at the University of Miami School of Medicine in collaboration with the Holder Research Institute. Initially designed to investigate the impact of spinal nerve pressure on drug addiction, the Integrator mimics a traditional manual adjustment without the variability. It was identified as the sole FDA-approved handheld chiropractic adjusting instrument due to its profound effects on nerve pressure.


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