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Chiropractor San Antonio TX Tim Peterson Pointing To XRay With Patient

At Peterson Chiropractic, Dr. Peterson prioritizes precision in assessing your health. Each patient undergoes a comprehensive consultation, during which our San Antonio TX chiropractor evaluates the necessity of X-rays.

If required, our office is equipped for on-site digital X-rays, providing high-quality images with customizable sharpness levels for optimal clarity.

X-Ray Imaging In San Antonio TX

Following the imaging process, Dr. Peterson meticulously examines the results using specialized software. This enables advanced analysis, measuring factors such as asymmetry, spinal curve angles, and abnormal tilts and twists in the spine.

Based on these insights, Dr. Peterson determines your eligibility for chiropractic care and, if applicable, outlines the specific type of care required for your unique case. Moreover, to ensure a proactive and tailored approach to your ongoing progress, we continue to take X-rays approximately every 12 visits. This regular assessment allows us to comprehensively evaluate advancements in your care, fine-tune treatment plans, and optimize your overall chiropractic experience.


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