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Stay At Home Mom Gets Her Life Back

"As a stay at home mother of a 3 year old, being able to keep up with your kiddo is imperative. I threw my back out, very badly, like literally could not get up off the ground even with help on the verge of calling an ambulance bad (picking weeds of all things). It took me almost 4 months after that of back pain and being terrified of throwing my back out again every single time I lifted my daughter into her carseat, gave her a bath, sat her down on the potty, played on the floor, etc. for me to realize it wasn't going to just go away. My back wasn't the same after throwing it out and was on the verge of going again with the slightest wrong move. I also could not work out, at all, which was a bummer. I tried a light workout, it didn't go well, and I prayed that night for God to heal me. Two days later my husband sent me Peterson Chiropractic, of his own volition, and told me I should go give it a try.

I was skeptical and a little nervous. Everyone always talks about the crazy ways that chiropractors twist you and the insane cracks that come out of you. To be honest, I did NOT want that, my back was so sensitive, it made me think the chiropractor would just hurt me. But Dr. Peterson does not use that method (thankfully!) and what they do is much less traumatic and does not hurt AT ALL. Feels a little weird sometimes but not painful. After about a month of visits, I am happy to report that my back is significantly better. I wouldn't say that it is back to full perfect health, because I don't think it has been that way for a VERY long time, if ever. Throwing out my back alerted me to deeper long running issues in my spine that needed to be addressed that were only going to get worse over time and eventually likely lead me to spinal surgery. Who wants to have spinal surgery?! Or just live in pain. I don't!

After just a month, my back feels so much stronger. The feeling of my back about to go out is gone. I can hold my daughter again! She even said to me yesterday when I was holding her "Mama you all better?! You can hold me?!" because for months I have had to tell her "I can't hold you baby because my back hurts" I can give her baths and take her potty and get her in her carseat and play on the floor totally fine. I also have started light workouts, and it is going very well! The craziest thing though, after about three weeks of treatments, I randomly stretched my back while standing where you bring your arms at a 90 degree angle behind you and it was like something stretched in my back that had not been moved or stretched for as long as I can remember, it literally made me light headed to the point of almost fainting. The light headedness is gone but it was a moment of realization that what I thought was normal with my back was most definitely not. My range of motion had clearly increased. My whole life I thought the feeling of something about to explode if I stretched like that any further in my back was just normal, that that is how backs are supposed to feel. Well… it's not. My baseline for what was healthy was very very wrong because I had lived with my back messed up for so long and in that single moment this revelation was made to me (yes, I admit I did shed a couple of tears of joy). I realized that my prayer for healing was actively being answered, that Dr. Peterson and his staff are the answer to my cry for healing. It is actually happening! I am literally in the process of being healed!

Every single person at this clinic is genuinely kind and caring, my daughter LOVES going to appointments with me. I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Peterson and his staff. If you are tired of living in pain and your life being limited, I urge you to give them a chance. Will you be sore after the first few visits? Absolutely! What in life that is good or worth doing comes easily? Not much. It is worth the initial soreness. It is worth the investment of your time and your money. Take control of your life and your health and start the journey of healing. I cannot wait to see what I feel like over the coming months!"

- Anonymous

Not Your Average Doctor's Office

"I have never felt more welcome, more respected, and more cared for in any medical establishment. Keep up the amazing work. Incredibly thankful for y’all!"

- Libby K.

Medication Free

"I am so thankful to Peterson Chiropractor. They have helped me and my children get on to a healthy path. I have been able to get off all pain meds and my son has not had an asthma attack in 3 yrs."

- Jessica F.

No Guess Work

"Dr. Peterson was extremely thorough in my initial appointment and really listened to my history before he treated me on my second appointment. When I came back for my adjustment, he knew exactly what my back should do to get it back in line and was precise and accurate in his adjustment. No twisting or feeling like a pretzel! I am coming back with the whole family!"

- Christen T.

Gentle Technique

"As a medical provider I see many patients with chronic pain, not relieved with medication.

Drs. Peterson and Peterson have a proven technique, the gentle activator, which slowly aligns the spine, I know from personal experience how helpful this treatment is.

The activator is so gentle my grandson has slept through his adjustment.

I strongly recommend anyone suffering from pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. to get a consult Don’t live with pain and discomfort."

- Lysa H.

Clean, Professional, and Efficient

"This clinic is run like a tight ship! Very clean and professional. All of the staff is extremely caring and friendly. Dr. Tim Peterson explains every aspect of the treatment and checks for progress and changes at every visit with the patient. The clinic uses cool technology to make checking in easy and efficient. They are very aware of ur schedule and there is very little to none “wait-time” even though there is a steady flow of patients. Since starting my treatment I have experienced increased flexibility, less discomfort, and more energy. I would recommend this practice to anyone in need of chiropractic care."

- G.D.

Knowledgeable and Compassionate

"Gentle activator technique option available for those who cannot tolerate traditional chiropractic manipulation. Knowledgeable and compassionate care. Highly recommended."

- Louis E.

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