Intersegmental Traction Therapy in San Antonio TX

Chiropractic San Antonio TX Ann Peterson With Patient On Traction Table

Experience the remarkable advantages of our intersegmental traction tables in San Antonio TX:

This innovative table gently restores the body's spine to its normal ranges of motion, promoting muscle relaxation and reducing spasms. It plays a crucial role in expediting recovery from back injuries, enhancing blood flow, and increasing oxygen supply to discs, ligaments, and muscles. The continuous, electronic operation of the dual rollers, moving along the muscles on either side of the spine, contributes to improved balance, strength, and mobility.

How Does Intersegmental Traction in San Antonio TX work?

While primarily prescribed for its therapeutic benefits, the intersegmental traction table offers a soothing experience as the rollers move systematically. Many of our patients find it exceptionally relaxing.

Integrated with our torque release technique adjustments, the intersegmental traction table ensures our patients receive maximum therapeutic benefits.


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