Interferential Current Therapy In San Antonio TX

Chiropractic San Antonio TX Woman Receiving Interferential Current Therapy

Primarily utilized at the onset of patient care, interferential current therapy (IFC) in San Antonio TX aims to alleviate soreness, enhance blood flow, diminish muscle spasms, foster healing, and eliminate toxins. During the initial phases of treatment, Dr. Peterson often observes that muscles may resist the adjustments he administers. Interferential therapy proves beneficial by inducing muscle relaxation post-treatment.

How Does Interferential Current Therapy In San Antonio TX Work?

The IFC's high-frequency signals penetrate the skin, reaching deeper muscle tissues. Electrodes are strategically placed on the skin surrounding the affected area. The Interferential Current device then emits mild electrical impulses through the skin, stimulating underlying tissues and nerves to initiate the healing process. Remarkably, these impulses are virtually painless. While not the primary reason for Dr. Peterson's prescription, many patients who undergo this therapy express a genuine appreciation, reporting a heightened sense of relaxation after the treatment.


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