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Ever heard of the Torque Release method of Chiropractic care? Sounds painful doesn’t it? However, the way it may sound is quite the contrary. Years of research and development in spinal care and health have derived this very gentle yet highly effective approach called Torque Release. At Peterson Chiropractic we use the torque release method in San Antonio TX exclusively.

Why the Torque Release Method in San Antonio TX

Although there may be several highly specialized chiropractic techniques in healthcare today, few compare to the effectiveness of the gentle Torque Release application where a measured amount of pressure using a handheld tool called the Integrator is applied directly to the area of the spine specifically targeting a patient’s problem area.

To understand the advantages of Torque Release treatment, we must first understand the intricate relationship between our brain and our spine and nervous system. Every function in our body is led by messages from our brain to our organs and limbs. These messages travel to their destination from our brain through our spinal column and the series of nerves and nerve endings throughout our body.

This message communication is what allows us to control our speech, walking and movement, heartbeat, breathing, etc. When our spine is not at its best, meaning there is a misalignment; this creates an interference in the message delivery from our brain to other areas of our body. Even the slightest imbalance in our spine’s alignment can result in several physical issues. As a result, you may feel a variety of ailments like a consistent lack of energy and sluggishness to a diminished immune system, poor performance of your internal organs, pain in your limbs, back or neck, and even headaches.

The Torque Release method in Chiropractic care comes in to correct these ailments. Your Chiropractor will use the handheld Integrator tool to implement a low-force adjustment on your spine. That application of pressure helps align your spine so that the messages from your brain can flow smoothly to their destination. Through regular care, you can achieve the best results utilizing a torque-release Chiropractic plan. It is not intended as a quick fix to a health issue but many patients do feel relief early on in their treatment.

Our Specialty

A specialized San Antonio TX Torque Release chiropractor like Dr. Peterson at Peterson Chiropractic will create a customized treatment plan for your specific spinal health. Our goal is to improve your spine, improve your overall health, and ultimately improve your quality of life in a non-invasive way without medical or unnecessary stress.

At Peterson Chiropractic, Dr. Ward Peterson together with his son, Dr. Tim Peterson, have been using the Torque Release method for over 20 years. As an expert in this gentle Chiropractic method, Dr. Peterson can attest to its ability to relieve pain, improve mobility, improve energy levels, and increase overall health in his patients.

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